Match that redefined Chelsea’s future


On the eve of super sunday match between Chelsea vs Liverpool, ‘ll go back to same fixture nine years back that redefined future of Chelsea. Gerrard Houlier’s Liverpool needed a victory to snatch a fourth place in league thereby a place into next year’s Champions League. And so did they get an early lead from Sami Hyypia. But couldn’t hold on to lead till the end of the match due to goals from Desailly and Gronkjaer for Chelsea. Night went from bad to worse with a red card to Liverpool’s current captain Gerrard for a second yellow card offence on Le Saux. But how that win redefined chelsea’s future. Because exactly at the same time a Russian billionaire anonymous to most of ordinary world was in search of a Champions League playing team. And final choice was Chelsea. His name is Roman Abramovich.


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