A short note on La Masia



When Martin Montoya came in as a first half substitute for Dani Alves, all players representing Barcelona were made from their youth academy, famous La masia(in picture), in English ‘The Farmhouse’. La Masia founded in 1979 by Josep Nunez upon advice from Johan Cruyff to replicate Ajax model. 70% of recruited kids are catalan’s (Xavi, Cesc, Pique), 20% spanish(Iniesta, Pedro) and remaining 10% from foreign (Messi). Responsibilities of youth coach is to instill 4-3-3 formation imposed by the club in grass root level of club. La Masia graduates learns tactical works at age of 8 and doesn’t work with weights till they age 17. They prohibit their graduates from using tattoos, colored hairs, earrings.  

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