A controversial picture while Hiddink in charge of Dutch team


Guus hiddink has decided to retire from coaching by the end of this season after a long coaching career of 30 years started in 1982 as assistant manager of De Graafschap. He started his playing career also with same club, but not as illustrious as his managerial career.

You all know what he has achieved as a manager. So I’m not interested in pointing that one by one. I’ll try to write a short note based on a picture of Holland squad when he was in charge of the team.

The picture on top created controversy in Dutch media, took by a journalist while they were participating in Euro 96 a disastrous tournament for Dutch that included a 4-1 loss against England. What is so odd in this picture? Zoom and find color of groups sitting in each table. What came in paper is,  ‘The Dutch team is racist – they’re all sitting on one table, the coach doesn’t want the picture – he has his hands up [to prevent it].’ But members of squad claimed, there was no racism in the squad and division in picture is not a result of racism. Since black players are of Surinamese descent, they like food from Surinam and for ease of serving food, all black players ended up in same table.

What happened later is Hiddink traveled to France with nearly same squad for 1998 World Cup and reached semifinal.

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