Rodríguez, youngest player representing Madrid in Champions League!


Yes. We all know Real madrid is not so gracious in giving opportunity for youngsters. They always look for Footballers of the Year. But yesterday Jose Rodriguez entered into the history book of Real Madrid for being the youngest to debut for Madrd in Uefa Champions League (UCL). If they give an early start, that means he has real potential to succeed. That’s what the name in the youngest players shows. All other’s in the list made their name in the world of football with their brilliance.

Player Debut date Match Age
José Rodríguez 04/12/2012 Real Madrid 4-1 Ajax 17 years11 months
Raúl 13/09/1995 Ajax 1-0 Real Madrid 18 years 2 months
Casillas 15/09/1999 Olympiakos 3-3 Real Madrid 18 years 3 months
Varane 27/09/2011 Real Madrid 3-0 Ajax 18years 5 months
Etoo 21/09/1999 Real Madrid 4-1 Molde 18 years 6 months

Good luck Rodriquez to be like others in the list.

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