Argentina vs Brazil football rivalry

Argentina against Brazil is a football rivalry that can pull audiences from whole world. They both are powerful nations in South America but there is no dispute between them politically. This rivalry is purely on footballing terms. Some times it goes beyond the limit as it happened this week for Copa Sudamericana final between Sao Paolo(Brazil) vs Tigre(Argentina). Officials representing Tigre claimed guns were pulled on them by security staff’s in Morumbi stadium, Sao Paolo.

This is not for the first time that police intervened when clubs or national team clashed each other. In 1946, for south american championship Brazil visited Argentina for the last game with trailing by one point to Argentina. Intensity of match was heightened due to an incident in the first leg in Brazil when Ademir of Brazil had broken Argentina defender Jose Batagliero’s leg in a 6-2 victory for Brazil. Argentina got a 2 goal lead through Norberto Mendez and fights started when Jair injured Salomon, breaking his tibia and fibula in a tackle that brought an end to the Argentina captain’s top-class career. Team mates of both Argentina and Brazil came to protect their team mates and chaos escalated when around 500 people invaded pitch. Riot police had to intervene and Brazilians were escorted into dressing room. Game recommenced later and trouble continued when Ademir came as a substitute were punched in his face. With no further goals, Argentina won match and trophy. It took a decade to see Argentina and Brazil playing against each other.

In another event, Brazilian police arrested  Leandro Desabato, a Quilmes defender while playing against Sao Paolo in Copa Libertadores match in Brazil in 2005 for making racist comments against Grafite. Desabato and Grafite confronted at 44th minute of match and consequently Desabato made racist comment on Grafite which recorded in televisions.

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