Lyon: Lion’s of France

PSG Vs Lyon

PSG Vs Lyon

Today Lyon visit Paris to extend their lead to 6 while PSG trying to equal Lyon in points. These days, PSG is always there in news be it for their next superstar to be signed, Guardiola or Mourinho the successor to coach them.

While PSG is in a mission to win League title after long 19 years, last decade Lyon got bored winning it for seven times consecutively between 2001-02 to 2007-08. No other teams from major league were able to dominate their league for such a long period. In Italy, Juve(1931-35), Torino(1942-48) and Inter(2005-10) recorded 5 consecutive league wins. In Spain, Real Madrid also did it between 1986-1990 for 5 times. Even though Lyon dominated in domestic level, they were not able to translate that into European competition. Their best performance was a semifinal defeat in 2010 against Van Gaal’s Bayern Munich.

Do you believe, had they kept stars like Essien, Mahamadou Diarra, Malouda, Abidal, Benzema they would have performed better in Europe?

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