Arsenal Vs Newcastle

Arsenal defeated Newcastle in a ten goal thriller at Emirates stadium two days back. Theo Walcott scored a hatrick in his new designated role as central striker.

I fontly searched to find if seven is the most goals Arsenal scored in a match along with that 7-5 victory against Reading this year. After analyzing all the scores from their history, found their best in a single match was in 1932/33 season, a score of 9-2 against sheffield United and a 9-1 victory over Grimsby Town in 1931. Another score that amused me was a 6:6 draw against Leicester city. Best high scoring spree I have witnessed till now is the 4:4 draw of Sweeden against Germany recently.

Most by Arsenal in a single match

 Date  Home/Away  Against  Score
04/02/2012 H Blackburn Rovers 7:1
30/10/2012 A Reading FC 7:5
14/01/2006 H Middlesbrough FC 7:0
11/05/2005 H Everton FC 7:0
25/09/1963 A Staevnet København 7:1
01/09/1934 H Liverpool FC 8:1
01/12/1934 H Wolves 7:0
15/12/1934 H Leicester City 8:0
19/04/1935 H Middlesbrough FC 8:0
29/10/1932 H Leicester City 8:2
24/12/1932 H Sheffield United 9:2
25/02/1933 H Blackburn Rovers 8:0
28/01/1931 H Grimsby Town 9:1
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