Ronaldo deserves Ballon D’or for 2012-13


Announcement of FIFA Ballon D’or winner is around the corner. This time Messi, Iniesta and Ronaldo are sharing podium. In recent years, mandate to become ‘Footballer of the year‘ is winning League, UEFA Champions League, FIFA World Cup or Euro Cup. But this year that rule, there is a high probability to break that rule due to 91 goals Messi scored in this calender year and broke record of Gerd Muller‘s 40 year old goal scoring record. If the selection had happened at the end of season instead of end of year, chance of Messi missing the trophy was unlikely. For UEFA footballer of Year at the end of season, it was not Messi but Iniesta emerged as the winner.

Who do you think should be the winner this year if we consider season to find winner? My vote for this year is for Ronaldo for his mastery in making Real champions of Spain.

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