Ronaldo’s pursuit for Ballon D’or 2013

Frustration of being behind Messi haunts Ronaldo

Frustration of being behind Messi?

Yesterday while answering to questions from AS on Mourinho’s absence from January’s Ballon d’Or ceremony in Zurich, Ronaldo said “I respect the coach’s decision, and it was his call, I think he knew what was going to happen. Maybe he is cleverer than others. I did understand as well as him what was going to happen, so I understand it”. Do you think Ronaldo understoodthe result till FIFA announced result?

He was confident for this year, voters were going to vote in favor of  him for his League winning season long performance where his Madrid side dethrone messi’s Barcelona after 3 years. He and his advisers knew his image would hold him behind messi for Ballon d’or.  Ronaldo used interviews as avenue to clarify things in his pursuit for ‘player of the year’ award. He talked about justice at an interview with world cup winning former French defender Frank Leboeuf in August. “I want justice, If there is justice, you see who is going to win and who deserves to win. I’m not going to say any more.” Ronaldo noted. Later he admitted to he has image problems. “Why? It’s question that I never give the 100% right answer, because sometimes I really don’t know. Maybe I agree, I have bad image on the pitch… because I’m too serious, but if you really know me, if you are my friend, if I leave you inside my house, if you share the day with me, you will know I hate to lose. People who call me arrogant, I would like to sit with them and to have a chat with them to see which way to they think I’m arrogant because I think they need to sit with me to know who is the real Cristiano.”

When day came to announce winner, Ronaldo was there with belief that he did all his homeworks in field and media to be the winner. If he didn’t have hope do you think he would have attended award ceremony. From my analysis, he would have skipped ceremony as mourinho did. At announcing 2011’s winner all world knew who was going to win. So he skipped ceremony to avoid media capturing his awkward emotion.
Same story would have happened last january, had he lacked belief in his candidacy.

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